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By: Valeria Sugar April 8, 2020

Sugar baby experiences: Victoria

Sugar babies share their experience

My name is Victoria and I am currently 19 years old. The following story I do not share very often with people. Not because of shame or trying to hide it, the subject is never presented, however, what I learned I keep in mind every day and I wanted to share it to help girls in my situation. It all started when I went to Mexico City with the goal of spending more time with my brother because since the divorce I do not see him as often as I would like. It is important to mention that my brother is from my father's first marriage and that is why he is much older than me. The first day there he introduced me to his friends at a work party although everyone looked much bigger and they were all very kind and made me feel welcome. It was there when I met Santiago. Tall, handsome, with an incredible sense of humor and successful in his work. For those and more reasons I was surprised when he told me he was 4 years old single. A charming 41-year-old man who looked like he was taken from a movie? Was he single? There was no way that possible great curiosity motivated me to investigate more of him and if what he told me was true. After trying to get information from my brother about his friend and from many visits to his Instagram and Facebook, I came to the conclusion that the reason for his singleness was linked to his professional success. He worked more than 12 hours a day and his passion for his work and business trips did not leave much room for the romantic aspect. I could not help it but I felt a little bad for his situation, after a few drinks at the party and some beers from him I offered him my company as a joke and half playing for future events of the company to which he goes alone . But as it is said between joke and joke the truth comes out and ended inviting me to a dinner during the following week with the reason that I explain more about his work (as director of the Foreign Trade area of ​​a company known in Mexico) and I am studying what he studied at the university (International Business).

The expected day arrived and okay, I was confused I do not know what kind of departure or appointment this was. I did not know if it was a romantic, friends or business but without hesitation some was nervous and somewhat anxious. The day arrived and we were in seeing each other there since he would leave work however since I do not have a car and my brother was busy I mentioned this to Santiago (I would go to Uber) but he refused and called his driver to pass for me. That elegance was the only thing I thought and a small smile was drawn on my face at the thought. I arrived at the restaurant and soon after arrived apologizing for the delay. We talk for hours and a bit of everything. I thought that the age difference would put barriers in both communication and tastes but it was very enriching to see his point of view about things and his experience made everything more interesting. We came to the topic about relationships and I told her that I did not want a boyfriend because it is very complicated and I have seen my friends suffer a lot for love which I consider unnecessary. He told me that he does not have a girlfriend, but occasionally he goes out with girls to fill the feeling of connection. I was surprised but not so much and playing I said "oh like, a womanizer, who only looks for sex?" He replied that nothing to do since a womanizer has sex without connection and he has connections without necessarily having sex. At first I thought it was a big scam and I thought that I just wanted to be clever, but little by little I explained how it was more an exchange than a relationship. He provided some luxuries and gifts in exchange for dating and connecting with girls. Wow! A sugar daddy strong>? I thought it was just an urban legend, however Santiago told me it was more normal than I thought and it was a good exchange based on communication and mutual respect. It seemed to me something new and exciting and I asked him how to enter that world. He mentioned some special social networks for this and eventually asked me if I would be interested to which I dubiously said yes. Weeks went by and everything was perfect. We went to museums or to see movies, we chatted and in exchange he offered me all the presents and presents he wanted. In a month I learned the following things and I hope it works for them:

  1. There is nothing more important than communication, we made it clear that I would not have sex with him and Santiago respect him perfectly. So if you do not want to do something, the most important thing is to put the cards on the table and never do something you're not comfortable with or think you'll regret.
  2. The nerves are temporary, the first official appointment as sugar baby strong> went to the cinema and although I did not know how to act at first I just had to remember to be myself and let things flow (never be or do things that do not go with my personality or pretend to be someone I am not) the nerves decrease as you meet the person and there comes a time when you are so comfortable that you forget that it is an exchange.
  3. Not everyone will understand, well it is said that as a society we usually criticize and fear what we do not know and it is very true because although some people see it badly it is nothing more than another relationship and human connection based on respect and communication for a good . So do not worry if the people around you do not understand it the only person who should agree with the relationship is you, him and no one else.

In conclusion being a sugar baby is a great experience in which you learn more about yourself and your limits, it's a great way to connect and see other points of view. There are benefits not only personal growth but also material. My closet was enlarged almost twice as for each outlet I received approximately $ 5000 pesos and I had the opportunity to buy details that I always wanted but were out of my budget as a student such as sephora makeup, clothes and even the new perfume I wanted so much "Good girl" of Carolina Herrera. Not counting the extra details that I bought when we went out as a new pair of vans and all the treats and cravings that I felt like. Unfortunately I had to return to my city (Mérida, Yucatán) as the school started soon but without a doubt it was two months that I would not change for anything. A small tip is that they have confidence in themselves and if they know what they want go for it.



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