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By: Valeria Sugar April 8, 2020

Sugar baby experiences: Luna

Where to start? Hello! I am a girl from the warm port of Veracruz, I am 23 years old, I am a Physiotherapy student, single, without children with the sea of opportunities in front of me and my intention is to enjoy life to the fullest, my life! I like Luna's name, although it's not my real name, let's leave it that way.

I can spend hours talking about me but I prefer to get to the point, today I want to tell you about my experience with my sugar daddy.

It was at the Carnival of Veracruz, two years ago, my friends invited me, I refused to go because I had just finished with my boyfriend and I definitely did not feel like dancing and celebrating (according to me) I was in a duel. Convinced by my friends, we stayed to see us at a point on the boardwalk, to my surprise what a flat tire and chance can do when mixed at the right time; my friends did not arrive due to a mishap with the car, the flat tire! They warned me and almost immediately I set out to go home, as they say: dressed and ... not really very upset (ha-ha). When the unexpected happened, a gentleman, I say sir, a gentleman !, very charismatic and very nice to see me approached so adorably 'direct' that it did not bother me at all but quite the opposite, his attitude cheered my mind almost Suddenly, he made the comment: sorry, I could not help but see that you were waiting for someone who apparently canceled you and that is what happened to me, what do you say if we keep company for a while? It serves that is worth the exit. I said: well, why not?

The beginning of one of my best friends adventures! And Juan Carlos, a 42-year-old man of Spanish nationality, gave me the most beautiful and fantastic year of my life. That's where everything started. We talked for hours, he told me that he had just arrived in the city, we laughed and even sang as we went to a karaoke after a while; When it was time to say goodbye we loved it so much that we had to repeat it, you know, we exchanged numbers and that's it.

The next day he dialed me by phone at about 12 o'clock in the day and we stopped seeing each other, he was a petrochemical engineer, and he was alone for a short time in the port and what was supposed to be 6 months was extended to 1 year. good, because it was all that time that we shared together, for being a busy man we saw each other every 4 or 7 days sometimes until more time passed between each encounter.

I fell madly in love with him soon after he was really charming. I did not know how this worked with the sugar daddies strong>, it is more, it seems to me that it is something that hardly takes part, however it is something that has always happened, it is not new in society.

When I expressed my "love" to Juan Carlos I put a brake immediately, and I appreciate it very much, because although it was something nice, it would be temporary and he knew it perfectly, then I understood but not for now. I learned to enjoy their company and benefits, I will not deny that I wanted it and I still appreciate it because it was my first experience in this field and everything was magical from the moment we met. Evidently he already had experience in this.

More than anything, what I enjoyed the most were the trips, the places I met, the unforgettable restaurants and the possibility of forgetting the outside world and feeling that I had the world at my fingertips with all the possibilities within my reach, that at his side EVERYTHING WAS POSSIBLE.

In each meeting he gave me something. And I would like to tell you something curious, I never knew if he was married, with a girlfriend or single, I do not know if the opportunity to ask was not given or if he or I avoided the topic but there was no need to know it since he always made me Feel special and although we knew it was a passenger it was a unique experience, at least I took full advantage of it. I know of some girls who do not maintain intimacy with their sugar daddy, in my case I can tell you that I do and it's not to show off but I learned a lot from sex with him, definitely a mature man is more experienced and from which you can learn to be what maximum in bed.

He supported me economically with the school while we were together and he gave me money weekly, he encouraged me to learn more, to prepare myself more always, it became my most beautiful secret, I did not tell anyone about us until after he left and as I am doing right now here in these lines. Nothing I write is close to how much it makes me feel just remembering it. I do not know if I will ever live something like that again but I can assure you that I do not regret ANYTHING.

The moment of the farewell was really difficult because one gets used to it and it is not easy to say goodbye but life is full of cycles that start and end and Juan Carlos was just a cycle that ended, he always made it clear that it was temporary and he knew that moment It would arrive and then yes, it arrived. We kept in contact after that, but it was not long, our roads were already different and in different countries so that ended completely and although today it is dust of my most beautiful memories I still feel very vivid.

If you are about to start a relationship of this type or want to experience it, I can say the following: Enjoy it to the fullest! But keep in mind that it is temporary, for one reason or another it will be, but it will be worth it because you will learn a lot from someone older, as long as it makes you feel special stay until it is over, never ever do anything you do not want to do because these experiences of life are to get smiles from your face, not tears or sadness. Sometimes falling in love is inevitable but it makes you mature the fact of accepting a game, when you know it must end, usually they are men with an economic solvency that come and go, they never park in one place for long, they want have a good time without compromise and although it sounds frivolous, you can do it the same, they will never make you absurd scenes of jealousy because they have a self-confidence that is captivating to a certain extent, they make you feel safe and believe me, it's great. If you have the opportunity to have a Sugar Daddy, do it, I assure you that you will not regret it ...

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