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By: Valeria Sugar April 8, 2020

If life gives you lemons…

Bailarin exotico y sugar baby

If life gives you limones ... Get lemonade!

Indeed, we must know how to take advantage of the circumstances, I do not want to sound pretentious, but in my very personal case, I have taken advantage of my body, fortunately mine, I have a very athletic body that I have reinforced with many hours of gym also, and a good-looking face.

My name is Alejandro, I am 27 years old, I am 28 years old in March, very soon indeed. I studied architecture and anyone knows that this is a somewhat expensive career. I am originally from Puebla, but now I live in Mexico City. I was raised by my mother, my beautiful mother a hard-working woman, from my dad I know, nothing really, I never met him. So from women I have knowledge several thanks to my mom and my aunts, I grew up surrounded by women, very lucky for it. Since I was very young I had to work to support my mother with the expenses of the house, with her salary as a secretary she always looked for ways to get ahead, that's why I feel I owe her a lot and more, I always try to support her with some money.

When I moved to the CDMX I was 18 years old, and I wanted to fulfill many dreams and goals that I had in mind, I have always wanted more of life, and one of my dreams was to get my mom to work, give her everything she deserves. And for me, give me a good life; I consider myself an ambitious person and to achieve it I have been capable of everything, of course, as long as it does not affect anyone, and I suppose that up to now, I have not harmed anyone in the attempt.

Arriving in a new city is always difficult at the beginning, because you do not know anyone, you do not know where to go, you do not know how to move, you are a bit lost, in a way, it always depends on the reasons, it took me my ambition; I wanted to study a career that promised me a good future and also something that I was passionate about. I applied for the UNAM exam and managed to get in, that was the first step, then I had to resolve the stay, meals, etc. For this he had to find a job.

At the moment I started working as a waiter in a restaurant, and it was not bad for me, but it was not great for my personal projects; one day, a classmate told me that if he had tried to be "animator" in bachelorette parties, I of course did not know anything about it, I had seen things like that in movies but never in my mind did it happen that this would be something as an option for make money, not immoral or something similar, but because he really did not know that it could work, and above all, win very well.

I went to the place where my partner recommended me, who by the way, also worked there. From the very beginning everyone was very kind, they explained the dynamics and before sending me to a bachelorette party I did some tests, in a bar I had to dance, and do private dances, as the teiboleras girls have done. I did it exactly as they told me. A week later I went to a bachelorette party.

The first time I danced like that, in that bar, I felt very self-conscious, but at the end of the night seeing that I won the equivalent of a week as a waiter, I convinced myself that it was not so bad, after all. I encouraged myself to quit my job as a waiter when I saw the earnings in this other job. I shared income with other colleagues, the month after I became completely independent, I started sending money to my mother every week, I did not tell her I started working as a stripper, but later I told her the truth.

Between the university, the gym and my work I did not have much time for socialization, much less for a girlfriend, apart from the fact that I always tried to grab all the events that came up, I did not want to waste any opportunity to generate money. So two years went by and I felt very good, I could afford my expenses and in the process help my mother without any problem.

Elegante y sensual sugar baby

Suddenly I began to feel the need for company, I was not looking for any relationship, just some company, it is natural, and well known that humans are sociable beings, it had already lasted long. I do not know if I looked for the situation or was alone, but I met a woman in this environment. At a bachelorette party, the friend of the bride.

Azucena was 39 years old when I met her. At the end of the event she talked to me, she wanted to pay me for sex, I had never offered this kind of services during this job, and I told her that it was not necessary to pay me, the truth is that she looked so good that I also wanted to, and I gave him my number. The next day he dialed me on the phone and we agreed to see each other. He cited me directly in a Hotel room. I arrived at the agreed time and first there was sex, it was the intention, then there was a pleasant conversation, that day we had both free so there was no rush.

She was a single woman just like me, and successful, she had two children, I do not know what age. She was divorced and had a banquet business because she was a Chef. She, like me, was not looking for compromises of any kind. He asked me the obligatory question, -Why do you work on this? - I told him my reasons and I suppose that he was moved by my story a bit that in the end, before leaving, he insisted on paying me. This was the first of many encounters.

He called me from time to time and we also saw each other whenever we could. I remember that she always motivated me in my studies, to improve myself more and more, she paid me an English course and thanks to her I covered that important aspect for the professional environment she gave me gifts or sometimes I asked myself if I needed any material for the university, it was always very attentive to me, I will always be very grateful to her because she tried me a lot.

We made each other company, both alone, it was really nice to be with her. I remember that on some occasions I supported him as a waiter at his banquet service, when one of his kids did not fit. I also wanted to make room inside of me tight schedule. She never showed discomfort about my job and what I did to earn a living. During the year I was with her I never saw another person, as I did with her, at least not in my work. She was the first exception.

But she found love, a real love so we stopped seeing, I'm not sure but I think she got married very fast, of course, the bachelorette agency she hired was not where I worked, (laughs). I resented your departure a bit but when you are so busy you do not have time to think about other things. I always kept that job, during my career, it was my financial support all that time, even after finishing the race I did not leave immediately because while I settled down in a job well in my professional field, of course I needed a support that would allow me have time and good profits.

It was a while after finding another companion like Azucena. After her I liked the idea of ​​an adult woman, older than me because they had experiences to share, and honestly, for the support they could offer me. Occasionally I had casual sex with some girl from the university, but I was somewhat, insipid, so it was not very frequent or much less sentimental.

A year after the relationship with Azucena was over, I met Fabiola. She was 35 years old, had no children, but had a husband, both professionals and wealthy, but their relationship was frigid, it seemed a contract marriage, there was no love and it seems that both had their freedom and had no problem respect. That's why I did not worry about going out with a married woman.

I met her in a dive, not in my job. But when I told him about my work, I think he seemed a bit sexy up to a point. It started as casual sex. But she also supported me with some things, I guess after my first experience as a sugar baby.

I learned to take advantage without seeing myself abusive. Fabiola was very generous in many ways. With her it was a pretty jovial relationship from the beginning, she liked the party and we used to go out of the bar, sometimes in her business trips she also took me, and best of all, it was with her that I expanded my horizons, it was by advice of she who processed my visa, and I was very lucky because they quickly approved me. So I accompanied her to USA to one of her trips and it was fantastic. It really was.

With her I lasted much longer than with Azucena, still to this day we continue to frequent, her husband had a construction company and, for my luck, she recommended me to do my internship there, and of course her husband did not know about me. It would be very uncomfortable, I suppose. There I met another contact to stay in the job that I currently am. And that very fortunately I'm doing very well.

Occasionally I see Fabiola still. But she divorced her husband and moved out of town, that was the reason why we stopped seeing each week, but we never lost contact. There have been times that comes to the CDMX and we stopped seeing each other. I am always very pleased to see her. It seems that this woman will always be a young soul. Always so full of energy and positivism. It is the advantage of being someone independent like her. It can fly through the fresh air like a light feather, wherever the wind carries it.

They have been the most important women in my life as a single person, they supported me a lot, I learned the most from both of them. And my horizons definitely expanded. So much I liked this medium as a successful springboard, that recently I decided to create my own agency, regardless of my professional career, I liked the idea of being able to support other kids who, like me, are looking for a way to make money while building the foundations of their professional life.

Everything is legal and everyone is happy. So important has been Fabiola for me that she supported me with a part of the business, she loaned me the amount of money that I needed to open this agency. That's why we keep on frequenting. I do not know if there is true love or we are only two souls that together we understand each other and only that. But for me she is irreplaceable. I will always have it in my mind and with the best wishes. Every time we see each other is special, without a doubt.

Currently I do not have a formal relationship, in the economic aspect I can not complain, I have tried hard to achieve it and also with the support of these wonderful women. I built the house of his dreams to my mom and she works for pleasure because I also managed to get her out of work, just as she wanted.

Sometimes I wonder if I would not have dared to work as a stripper, if perhaps I would have managed to realize my projects, if I had not been in that medium, would I have known the protagonists of my story? Definitely not. And it's good that I did it, because otherwise I would not be here, telling my story so cheerful. I am ready to meet someone special, a good relationship, even to start a family in the near future.

I wanted to share my story because it does not hurt, they say that no one chastens someone else's head, but possibly yes, in these cases. Sometimes you want to know the pros and cons on these issues. In my case I lived all the pros, there was never a flaw in this plan. I would repeat it as it happened, I would do it again and again.

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