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By: Valeria Sugar April 8, 2020

Sugar baby experience: Marina


My name is Marina I am 40 years old and I am a sugar baby, although when I started this kind of relationship I had not heard before the term "Sugar Daddy" nor the term "Sugar Baby" this maybe because 15 years ago it was not a theme as popular as it is today, but first of all I will tell you a little more about my life story and how it was that I became a sugar baby I was in Mexico City 20 years ago and since my arrival in this place It was always exciting; It has always been one surprise after another. When I arrived here, I did not plan on living permanently in Mexico City, but, I felt the arrow of life here, the ease of getting everything around, the varied opportunities to get ahead, to work and study at the same time, and so on. That party atmosphere that is breathed all the time, in short, I fell in love with this fast city.

I am a mother of 2 boys, (at that time my children were 4 and 5 years old), it should be noted that I was a very young and single mother to top it off, my intention to get here was one: to get my two children forward and fortunately I got it, but that's another story. When I looked for a job I remember that I was a waitress in a family restaurant, all good at the moment, I will tell you that I did not make millions but to start, for me it was fine. I shared rent with a very dear friend, by the way, that friend was the one who encouraged me to try my luck out of my hometown, (Villahermosa, Tabasco), my friend already lived here a few years before, so that when I arrived, I I had someone to welcome me with open arms, along with my little ones. I will not deny that at the beginning I missed my place of origin, but soon I was already feeling, "like a fish in the water". The ideas of wanting to return and the more frequent feelings of belonging were less recurrent. When I was able to become independent, I thought I had everything resolved, but I was wrong. While sharing the rent with my friend and expenses was easier, there is no doubt about it, but already being apart with my children, in a house only for the three of us was very complicated in the economic aspect, my "decent" job it was not enough to cover all the expenses, so I opted to enter to work in the world of "nightlife"

I became a lady-in-waiting, also known as an escort. I would like to tell you that it was my worst experience in life but in reality it was not like that, since I never had an unpleasant moment, always the men were kind to me and many of them used to tip and / or bring gifts for the girls. It was assumed that the main service in this area was "Boyfriend Experience", better known by its acronym in English as: GFE, (Girlfriend Experience). I will never forget my first date of these, I remember how nervous I felt, I was afraid that something bad would happen to me, I only thought about my children, When the client arrived, I received the room number of the hotel, and I went to the place, I touched the When I opened the door, I was greeted by a pleasant smile, a very friendly American man, and that was the client after the client, all kind. I got to make maximum 2 appointments per day and it was an extra money that did not come to me badly, apart from having my job as a waitress; I did the other thing in my free time only, on weekends, I also tried to spend time with my little ones, everything was getting better little by little.

There came a moment when I realized that my job as a waitress was not necessary, since I earned much more money as a companion. So I spent more time with my children and I only went for dates to make appointments, I had a very reliable nanny and that gave me a lot of peace when I had to leave the house. I spent around 5 years doing this during that period of I did not have any sentimental partner, everything was professional, according to my goal was to do that only 1 or 2 years, but the circumstances did not fit at all and I had to last longer like this. I was beginning to worry about my future, more than ever. Suddenly came the protagonist of my story today, "Tony." He was an unforgettable client, as he remains present until my days today.

Tony is a retired man, he is of Asian origin, despite all these years, I consider that from his private life, I know very, very little. When we met, everything flowed very naturally. I saw it once, then another, and another and another; I supposed that he liked it a lot so as to make it come frequently and among so many options, he will choose to see me every week. We met each other at each meeting. I felt very flattered and great by his side, in those few hours we spent together, there were times we did not have sex and it was just talking or going for a walk, yes, I always paid my time. I always liked that he respected that, that he was very clear that the money was for my children, that I was not there for fun. After 6 months of seeing us every week for one or two hours, he asked me to get out of this work, I immediately told him that it was not an option for me, that I have the responsibility of taking care of my children, of giving them everything so that nothing was missing, that I did not do this for pleasure, yes, I had a great time on most occasions, but it was my best option to get money and spend most of my time with my children, that I could not give me the luxury of falling in love and letting go of my reality. I think I exalted myself very quickly, almost did not let him expose his plan completely, when he could, he resumed the approach and said, - I give you the money you need every week, we see how we do now, but you're just with me , not as a couple or anything like that, just as we do now, I thought the idea was wonderful, I said yes, but honestly, I was still working, until I was confident that Tony would keep his word, and then Yes, I decided to stop doing it, he never knew that.

I felt excited for this new "beginning"

I remember weekends in bed, talking, watching movies, room service and making love, Yeah! I'm not going to lie, I fell in love a little while, hopelessly, but I think that all this has happened to us, that we mix things up because I think it's finally impossible to be rock, right? He exhorted me to study a career, and I did, apart from supporting me with the studies of my children. Speaking of my children, they met Tony after 10 years of being him and me together and only by mistake, I always tried not to put them in my "loving" affairs, one day he left to go to my house and according to me, my children They would go out with their friends but it was not like that, and Tony arrived and one of my children opened the door, it was all natural, -hello, good afternoon, are you my mom's friend ?, -shelter, yes, is she home? , of course, happens. It was spontaneous and he invited us to eat me and my children outside the house, we spent a pleasant moment, my children so nice, they never asked anything uncomfortable or judged me at any time. They knew about him, but he had never introduced them to him. It was the only time we had all lived together, and nobody had a bad time, but the opportunity was not given again.

I had in my mind the idea that we would get married and we would form a family together and you know, the typical love story, none of that. I never told him, I tried to let him always guide the situation, to this day, and it has always been like that, he comes on weekends and we spend together, he gives me my money weekly and he leaves. He lives in Los Angeles, California. The times he has not been able to come he deposits my promised money, always. To this day he has always been a man of his word. And although my ideas of a family with him disappeared quickly and a long time ago, what I have with him today I do not change it for anything, because it has brought to my life a lot of emotional and economic stability, Together we have lived countless times, good and bad, I have visited many places with him, I have smiled a lot, I have cried sometimes, but it is always very pleasant to see him. He has never failed me, he owes me nothing, I owe nothing to him, but I even feel sometimes, that there is some loyalty between the two of us, and possibly we have lasted so many years because we only see each other on weekends, and when we see each other we want to enjoy ourselves, what we want least is to have a bad time. I have no idea if he has another or other women, and I'm not interested because my story with him, all my moments with him are told alone. And for me everything has been so perfect, I do not ask for more.

It has been so many years and I do not know if at some point this is going to end, but I do not worry, although I do not practice my profession in any company or make work history, at least I know that if I am missing a day, I have my life resolved, apart from all these years I think I took advantage of everything he gave me, I have my own house, and another that I am paying, I have my children studying at the university and they are excellent students, and we set up a business family 3 years ago, a nice cafeteria, that for me luck, one of my children studies Gastronomy and loves confectionery, and it's not because it's my blood, but what delicious cakes do !, My other son studies graphic design and I I have a career in accounting. It seems that everything was settled our way, and curiously nothing was planned, with respect to our family business, I do not know if it was possible without the presence of Tony in our lives, honestly, he made our lives easier and calmer, I will be eternally grateful to him for it.

I do not know if this type of "agreements" has an expiration date or a specific rule with respect to time, but in my very personal case it has been so many years, that I feel very safe here, like that with him. It became an important part of my life, in all these years I have not needed to have another type of more conventional love relationship, I adapted to this rhythm and I like it a lot.

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