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By: Sandra April 8, 2020

Confessions of a former sugar baby in Mexico

sugar baby Araceli

Hello, my name is Araceli, I am almost 30 years old today, I already have a family, I got married 3 years ago and I am pregnant, I am living my life as I wanted, but behind all this happiness there is a story that very few know, And today I want to tell you about it, hoping that in some way you feel identified with me and inspire you not to give up and get what you are looking for in any way, do not close yourself to the possibilities.

The story that today I am going to tell you has to do with my past as a sugar baby and how it was that I met the one who until today has been the only man who has served as a sugar daddy in my life

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I was 19 years old when I met Raúl, he was a very discreet gentleman, he was not the classic “voyeur” man that shows up quickly, he, on the contrary, was gentlemanly and polite with everyone; I was a waitress in a very busy restaurant-bar in Vallarta, with a family atmosphere by day and with a jovial and nightclub atmosphere, so one week I had to work during the day and the following week I worked at night, I really liked that employment, I knew people and lived with my coworkers, it was the ideal job for any young person, and as in this environment, there was never a lack of the "loyal and generous client who left a good tip, that was Raúl.

Believe me that at that time it was not that I wanted to find a sugar daddy, much less, but luck was on my side and this only happened.

He seemed a disciplined and methodical person, he came every day at 3 in the afternoon normally, he was a military doctor, so he seemed a cold and rigid person of habits, but once you treated him, you would discover that he was a kind and very warm, he knew how to adapt to any person for any conversation, he was very appreciated by the waiters and of course, especially by me; whenever he came to eat he asked me if he didn't see me. And on many occasions I went to the place at night, when it was my night week, he did not stay long, it almost seemed that he was only going to see me and nothing else, then I discovered that, indeed, that was the goal, to see me.

He seemed a disciplined and methodical person, he always arrived the same day at 3 in the afternoon normally, he was a military doctor, so he seemed a cold person and rigid in habits, but once you treated him, you would discover that he was a kind gentleman and very warm, he knew how to adapt anyone to any conversation, he was highly appreciated by the waiters and of course, especially by me; whenever he came to eat he asked me if he didn't see me. And on many occasions I went to the place at night, when it was my night week, he did not stay long, it almost seemed that he was only going to see me and nothing else, then I discovered that, indeed, that was the goal, to see me.

He carried out that routine for a whole year, of course, he didn't plan it, but from what he later told me, he had been interested in me for a few months in a different way than usual, at the beginning it was My favorite client and I were his favorite waitress, and there was no mutual attraction or anything like that, that feeling was born over time, like any relationship between two people who love each other. He always gave me a little talk when the opportunity arose, when there were not many clients and I remember that he always motivated me to continue studying and advice like that, the kind of advice you expect from an older man who already lives from his professional career and He can tell you about success because he leads by example. I always considered him as an exemplary figure, not that I judged the Sugar daddies but perhaps at the time I did not imagine that this serious man had an interest in these types of relationships that are often controversial.

One day he told me about a vacancy in his medical office, he needed a receptionist for the weekends and, as he knew, I worked only from Monday to Friday, so for that reason he offered me That job, I loved the idea, especially since it was a trustworthy person; the next weekend I showed up at the employment office, and there was almost no movement, as I recall. Later he told me that he felt a certain attraction for me, but nothing serious, but when I started working for him this feeling increased.

The day he proposed to me to become his sugar baby was definitely not waiting, but it seemed like he already had it all planned.

One Saturday, when he left the office, he invited me to eat, he took me to a very elegant and beautiful restaurant, with gourmet food. Because I didn't expect it from him, it didn't bother me, I was just surprised because I had another image of him, but he's finally a man and I tried to process the information quickly. What a bomb he dropped at that moment!

He told me that he was not looking for a formal relationship or anything compromising, just spending company time in exchange for supporting me with my school expenses and things that I needed. The idea was to go out with him from time to time to eat, or events like medical conventions and things that doctors frequent, even going on a trip with him. I quickly imagined the scenes, I thought that an extra income would not hurt me in exchange for just accompanying this man on some occasions, I lived alone with my mother and had to work to pay for my studies and on many occasions I had financial and It was very difficult for me at times, so the idea didn't seem bad to me, apart from being single at the time.

I said yes, that I could accept, but only because he was a well-known person and I already trusted him, that I didn't want him to think that I used to do things like that. And so we enjoyed that first outing together; I admit that it was very strange and it took me a little time to assimilate the proposition that afternoon, I wasn't expecting it!

As a good inexperienced sugar baby, I had my doubts, doubts that this nice sugar daddy always gladly clarified for me.

- Will we have sex or is it not necessary to get to that? -. He told me that he wanted that to happen spontaneously, when we both wanted it, he did not want to force things and for that reason I moved away from him, hearing him say that made me feel very calm.

Beyond our sugar daddy / sugar baby relationship

We both continued to act normal, as always, nothing changed, and I felt very comfortable with our agreement, things kept happening as usual, I kept working for him and he kept going to the restaurant, absolutely nothing changed. But we were discreet at the beginning, to avoid negative comments from acquaintances, especially from my coworkers. I told my mom everything because I always had a lot of confidence in her and she was not a closed mom, she always advised me to be cautious and to believe men half of what they said, (ah! My beautiful mommy, always so wise). And many times Raúl greeted my mother, it was not a formal relationship but it was not a secret either, at least only our closest ones knew it, there was no need to disclose the situation of us.

I have very beautiful memories of our relationship, or whatever it was that we lived together. At his side, I learned many important things in life. It never seemed like a "sacrifice" to be with him, although he was not a handsome young man or anything like that, he was a mature and intelligent man and in fact, he was not even ugly or handsome, but he had a lot of personality and self-confidence than personally. I fell in love with that, I loved all its qualities. I felt very safe with him, I felt that the things I wanted for my life were all possible and that I had his back there, protecting me that feeling is one of the best things that the sweet world of sugar daddies can offer you.

"Sugar babies" when dating mature men becomes quite profitable business

From my sugary relationship I obtained very good economic benefits and that need not be denied, but now that I can see this experience with much more maturity than you can have at your 19 or 20 years old I realize that this man, Sugar Daddy, represented more than just money for me, I have very beautiful memories by his side. He was an important figure for the rest of my life, because he supported me with my university and I concluded my professional career and the most valuable were the teachings of life. He always had important advice to give, but he did not seem like a substitute dad, he always knew how to treat me with respect and make me feel important, and not because he was younger than he denoted me, ever. He always treated me as his equal and filled me with self-confidence. Applause this kind of sugar daddies! And I hope they continue to be so.


Conociendo el mundo con mi sugar daddy

We also travel a lot throughout Mexico, I remember many beautiful anecdotes from those trips. As, for example, when we went to Playa del Carmen, it was a summer with delicious sunny days worthy of the beach, we spent much of the day on the beach, walking and eating accompanied by the sea breeze, watching the sunsets, enjoying the heat and the atmosphere that was breathed, a vacation environment where everyone is happy away from their boring and daily lives, and among those happy, us.

At the beginning of this story I told you that I am married and waiting for my baby, right?

Yes, it was very nice to have shared my time with him, we lasted together for a few years, but then he had to leave town, took advantage of an opportunity for a better life and left. But we kept in touch for a while longer until I met my current husband; I remember that Raúl always told me not to close myself to love, that it was not a good idea that because I was with him I lost the opportunity to know the love and stability of a formal couple, that if that great love arrived during my relationship with him not to deny me, only to warn him and he would understand it and that contrary to getting angry, he would be happy for me because he deserved to be happy with someone and have a normal relationship, and it was.

In my history as a sugar baby, I only had one sugar daddy but with one it was more than enough to fulfill all my goals

He was my only sugar daddy, but today that I remember my past with him, I realize that if I had not agreed to this type of relationship, very possibly my current history would be different; I consider that at his side I matured a lot and learned that in a relationship something important is the freedom of each one, that it is not necessary to go to extremes to be happy but to know how to live here and now and that it is necessary to have goals in life and feel the inspiration to achieve them. It certainly left its mark on my life. Apart from the fact that I managed to finish my degree with his support and I enjoyed that part of my young life traveling and learning about new places and cultures, Raúl revolutionized my world completely, I will always be grateful to him and I will always feel a special love for him.


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