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By: Valeria Sugar April 8, 2020

Confessions of a sugar baby

What do sugar daddy and sugar baby mean?

Confesiones de una sugra baby

Being Sugar baby is, for me at least, a seduction game, getting any kind of benefit from the sugar daddies makes me feel wanted and that excites me, I love it! It is a game that I want to continue playing for a long time to come, my name is Irina, I am 29 years old, one more month and I am 30 years old. Come with me to discover what are some of the confessions of a sugar baby.

Due to the profession of my parents, who are biologists and to top it off what are called hippies, I am a globetrotter from a very young age, I lived my childhood traveling and learning a curious and light philosophy of life.

I received an education at home, but my social life has always been very busy. I am a woman with a very open mind, I am not scared of anything! I seek satisfaction and pleasure in every decision and event of my life. I am a professor of Psychology at a private university in Mexico City and I have my office where I give couples therapy.

I feel encouraged to share part of my private life with perfect strangers today, because I came to believe that people are capable of learning from the experiences of others, so if it helps you something mine, take note!

Long before I became a sugar baby

My first sexual relationship was at age 16, I was not in love with the boy, I remember that I was always a bit precocious, so in that sense, I had been flirting with the idea of ​​losing my "virginity" for at least a year I wanted in a hurry to be "a big girl"

It was with a boy from my school, the most handsome of all, I have never really been ugly so it was not difficult to get that prospect for that specific task, I remember that I took control of the situation, when I conquered I felt fulfilled in that new area of ​​my life. Above all, for having done it the way he had imagined and with whom he wanted to do it. It was like an achievement for many, that's how I felt, as an empowered woman, and it could be addictive some time after that first meeting.

It was a year of honing my skills in bed, all with this boy from my first time when I turned 18, I was already a little woman, a little expert and could easily get intimate with a man like that I liked, older than me.

First flirtations with the world of sugar daddies

Confesión de un sugar baby

When I met my first "SUGAR DADDY". He was 40 years old, he was an acquaintance of my father named Fabio, the two families used to meet frequently and live together.

I was not very enthusiastic about those meetings, they seemed boring to me in fact, but on one occasion, something caught my attention from this man named Fabio. In one of those meetings we coincided in the bathroom by accident, I was changing my blouse because something had been spilled, and he accidentally entered, I had forgotten to put the safety.

The man was very sorry for the incident, but I was attracted by the idea that something else could have happened, I started to play a dangerous game that made me feel the adrenaline rush through my veins. When flirting with him or insinuating stronger things, he became very nervous, but it was not the nerves of rejection or rejection, it was rather the nerves of "I want, but I cannot", it was like "no, but yes".

And the poor could not resist my charms for long, and so we began an adventure that lasted a few months, due to the fear of being surprised by our loved ones, the fact of being part of the same social circle made it complicated. He of course was a married man and a family man.

Together with Fabio I learned the good things about sporadic relationships, I have good memories of ours and, above all, the experiences together that would later serve me in the relationships that would come after him. I remember that he gave me money every time we saw each other or surprised me with little gifts.

Once I tasted the honeys of sugary relationships, traditional relationships failed to get my attention

I had a courtship that lasted a short time, but that's when I realized that formal relationships are not to my liking, I hate to feel tied and committed, I like to feel free to go where I want, with whoever I want, and whenever I want. Aside from being with an older man changing you in many ways, I couldn't go back and settle for any kid my age.

As usual, we moved from town, this time my parents took an investigation into Spain for a few months, and being there, you can imagine what I didn't do!

Sugar baby in Spain

There were 3 months of intense night parties, new friends and trips around the area. I met Juan Pablo, a handsome 51-year-old engineer, super gentlemanly, who melted you. He was an extremely irresistible man, owner of a night club that I frequented during my stay.

Manolo did not give me money, but he invited everything from his bar on my night stays and apart from that the sex with him was incredible, without forgetting that he took me on his yacht a full weekend, we got lost Nothing these two days and it was a wonderful experience. He couldn't help but think that the next mature man would always be better than the last.

Spain and its incredible lifestyle became the perfect place to be Sugar baby, it is definitely a place that leaves a great taste in anyone's mouth.

Paradise for sugar daddies and sugar babies!

The experience that has allowed me to be a sugar baby is something that I wouldn't change for anything

This "loving" lifestyle has been the one I have chosen, I can't imagine it could be any other way, and although as you can deduce, I don't have the slightest need to receive their help to be sugar baby. much more than that, having a sugar daddy who cares and cares to satisfy all your needs and whims is a very satisfactory experience.

Paraiso para sugar daddies y sugar babies

I have learned a lot from each of my conquests. I have not felt the need to marry or live with a person, I think that would be like cutting the wings of a bird that has always been free and suddenly cages it, that would be death for me. I just want to continue browsing in the freedom that I already know and with which I feel very comfortable.

I encourage you today to tell you about my experience, even if it is anonymous, I want you to know that all of us have the right to be as we want to be, that we do not have to limit ourselves by what others say about us. Each one owns his life and can freely choose, no one owns anyone.

I am a professional, single, responsible, free, happy woman and I do not feel tied or committed to any relationship or person. I have made my decisions, bad or good, but they have made me the quality of a woman that I am, I know how to respect the well-being of others and I think that is a lot to say, I am a sugar baby just for the pleasure of being one (for the love of art ) and what do you think? It feels great! What's your story dear sugar baby?

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