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It’s no secret that money makes the world go round but, what are we willing to do to live a life of leisure and perhaps luxury? Or to be able to make ends meet without problems. Well many young girls face economic struggles which lead them to become Sugar Babies.

Such is the case of a Mexican 22 year old Sugar Baby by the name of Maria Fernanda who has a long history in Sugar Baby / Sugar Daddy relationships and will like to share a few of the reasons why she joined the sugar world and her experiences as a Sugar Baby.

 “I always felt attracted by mature men and if they were mature and wealthy, they attracted me even more”.

It was when I started college that I began to notice the expenses where excessive and it was difficult for my parents and me to afford. I decided to get a part-time job, but the wages where really low. It was then that my best friend told me about several websites where I could find a Sugar Daddy that could help me with some of my expenses, and that’s how I became a Sugar Baby.

The idea of going out with older men did not bother me at all; to the contrary I found it very exciting. My first date was with a 45 year old lawyer named Felipe, we had a very fun night, he took me out for dinner where had a long and very pleasing conversation. We immediately noticed the chemistry between the two of us, and in case you’re asking yourself, no we did not have sex… at least not that night and not for the following 4 dates. He still gave me money and our dates where very nice (giggles) those where truly amazing moments.

But what Maria Fernanda defines as fun, financial stability, is seen as sugar coated prostitution or escort services by many others but Maria Fernanda does not agree.

I am neither an escort nor prostitute, as Sugar Babies we establish a commercial contract with our Sugar Daddy, which is very discrete; you know it’s not something that everyone has to know about. This is why the first contact is always thru Internet where you have your Sugar Baby profile which is kept aside from your normal life if you decide. “Discretion is always good on both sides”.

Now is there a trick to finding a Sugar Daddy? – I wouldn’t call it a trick so much because each Sugar Daddy has very clear what he is looking for and knows very well what he likes. But never the less, you should take care of your personal appearance and make a make an effort to look good, workout, be flirty with your makeup and it might be a plus to have a younger appearance as I do. I look younger than I really am and that seems to attract them, it seems to be a fantasy to most of them as they have told me repeatedly. Most Sugar Daddies are not looking for a prostitute; they are looking for normal girls. Another tip (or trick) is your attitude, but it’s very obvious that they are looking for fun girls, that are jovial and enjoy life.

Being a Sugar Baby is an easy exchange for Maria Fernanda. Although she does not disregard the idea of finding the man who she will spend the rest of her life with in the sugar world, she would rather keep feelings out of this “commercial contract”.

-I knew since I started going out with my Sugar Daddies that this is temporary, that it is something that will end at its time due because there is a lot of competition in the sugar world and when it comes down to numbers, there are a lot less Sugar Daddies than Sugar Babies. This leaves the door open for Sugar Daddies to be with more than only one Sugar Baby if they want and I don’t think they’re in it to fall in love. It’s better to just enjoy the benefits and when it’s over find a new one, that’s how this is!

But being honest, it’s hard to believe that you will receive all sorts of benefits just in exchange of your company. How true it that these mature successful men is are willing to handout all the luxury and whims just to have a girls company? So asking how frequent sex happened was a must.

-Sex is something that is present but it is not forced. I have dated at least 6 men and I have not had sex with every single one of them. I’ve only had sex with who I wanted too and in terms of what I receive I can tell you that I’ve made trips to different places in the country, the best of them was to Cancun, and it was a delightful trip. I’ve visited very nice restaurants and I’m able to pay for my college tuition without a problem. If you want to talk about numbers, I can tell you that I receive from $5,000 to $8,000 pesos to spend a weekend or take a trip with my Sugar Daddy and this does not include the gifts that he may give me; perfumes, a dress or chocolates.

According to college student, Maria Fernanda she receives an average of $5,000 to $8,000 pesos for spending some of her time and sometimes her body with a Sugar Daddy. Without doubt this is a lot more than she would receive at a part-time job. Although she knows the risks that this practice could imply, she is certain that she will continue to do it at least until she finishes College and her economic life improves to where she’s able to live freely, relieved of debt.

-I understand there are risks but I don’t think they are any different to the risks that we are all exposed to daily. There are risks thru internet or by going out for a drink with our friends on a Friday night, it’s good to be cautious and sometimes listen to your sixth instinct that will indicate when something’s not right but come on! This is a business and all businesses imply a risk.

Maria Fernanda smiled while saying her final sentence.

My debut as a Sugar Baby

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term Sugar Baby?

– An attractive college girl that doesn’t have enough money to pay for her tuition… that’s a classic! But no, I was not that girl because I counted with my parent’s support; they were paying for everything related to my education. What made me seek a Sugar Daddy was the ambition and excitement of thinking that there was a man out there that could be my dad’s or grandfathers age who would pay me to spend time with him, a man willing to be my “Daddy” and indulge all my whims. My economic situation was not good but I did not enjoy of great luxuries and when you’re 23 all you want is fun experiences that you will enjoy to the max.

 I had heard rumors about some of my classmates going out with pretty mature men who spoiled them abundantly and from my point of view, these girls where not even half as pretty as I am. Once I decided that I wanted to have a Sugar Daddy, I started searching online on how to find him and it was not very hard. I created an account on one of those websites that connect Sugar Babies with Sugar Daddies and once I created my profile it was just a matter of waiting.

I was convinced that if I waited for a Sugar Daddy to contact me instead of I being the one to contact them, the interest would be genuine. Approximately a day or two after creating my account, I had several messages from Sugar Daddies that showed interest and I found a man by the name of Benjamin who by far was the best prospect. I could tell by his pictures that he was very attractive; I knew he was 38 years old and a citizen of the United States of America. He had quit his job to travel the world and had already been to Italy, Spain, Panama, Colombia and Mexico was his next destination and of course he was looking for a cute girl to spend good times during his stay. This was the perfect opportunity! And it was right in front of me.

There was just a small problem, I was scared. I was so nervous that I was about to cancel on him just a day before his arrival to Mexico. I live in Puebla which is really close by and I was about to tell him that I was not going to be able to see him, that I could not meet with him. I don’t know how I did it but the day came and for security of us both, we arranged to meet at a quite busy place with easy access so he wouldn’t have a problem getting there as he was a foreigner that was arriving not only to my city for the first time but my country. We meet at the city’s Zocalo, I saw him from far away a little sooner than he did and although I was very nervous Benjamin gave me a good impression at first sight. He seemed to be a good man and he truly was.

After greeting him he invited me for dinner, I chose the restaurant which was not that great but we got the opportunity to share each other’s interests. I received a great impression from Benjamin; he was truly the typical stereotype of Sugar Daddy. He was very interesting, cultured and was offering me to spend a week with him on a trip to the Riviera Maya, a trip that would start in Yucatan and end in the paradisiac beaches of the Mexican Caribbean. He was already offering me to spend a week’s vacation with him and in return he would still give me a great sum of money, which being honest I was so nervous that I didn’t ask him the amount, but without a doubt I accepted. We finished eating and had a few drinks; it was getting late so I told him that I had to go home. He didn’t have a problem with that as he was also tired from his flight and needed some rest. Before leaving he put $2,000 pesos in my pocket and said it was a gift, I found that to be great. The following day I showed him the city and we had breakfast together, our trip was the next day.  Yes everything was too fast and there was several times throughout the evening where I was about to cancel everything. I was scared to go on an adventure with someone that I barely even knew, but luckily I loved to travel and cancelling that trip was not an option. I told my parents that I would be taking the trip with some college friends and they are not excessively controlling over me so they didn’t have a problem with it.

The day we were waiting for arrived and there I was boarded on a plane with my Sugar Daddy who I had barely met a couple days ago. I honestly remember having prayed as never before asking God to please keep me safe. We finally arrived at the airport in Merida, Yucatan Mexico and it was there that in my opinion I officially became a Sugar Baby. Benjamin was very courteous and the trip started off great. Our first hotel was very nice but the reservation only included one bedroom, which meant Benjamin and I had to sleep together. I knew from the begging that these type of treatments where very likely to include sex because being honest if a Sugar Daddy pays for everything and treats you like a princess the time will come when he will want to receive his reward.  

Benjamin was very handsome and we had a deep attraction towards each other. So I let myself go and I chose to be a great Sugar Baby with everything that this implies. We did it for the very first time and it was amazing and this didn’t change throughout our trip, he seemed to be charmed with his Sugar Baby and well I was letting him spoil me. We went on a tour in the state of Yucatan to the Mayan ruins and ended up in Tulum, Quintana Roo where we spend the last two nights. The end of our trip was perfect; we spend the day at a beach club, had some cocktails and ended the night with dinner at a spectacular Lebanese restaurant. Of course throughout my trip I was posting amazing pictures on Instagram that I could bet caused envy in many of my classmates who were kilometers away probably asking themselves how I found myself vacationing in the Caribbean being that it was just the beginning of the semester. 

At the end of the trip I received $400 cash as a gift from my Sugar Daddy who I continued to see for about 3 months. This was the time that Benjamin spent in my city taking classes to improve his Spanish and although we still talk periodically, Benjamin was only the beginning in my new life as a Sugar Baby.

Love is not part of the arrangement

My name is Ximena and my life is not very different to all the other girls. I am 24 years old and study nutrition. I like to go out and dance on the weekends or go shopping, as you can see nothing uncommon. What makes me uncommon from other girls is that a little over a year ago I became the Sugar Baby of a 49 year old man. The difference between me and other Sugar Babies is that I didn’t get myself into this for expensive gifts and cash; I did this because I needed to feel “loved” and wanted by someone. It had been 2 years since my last relationship with a guy from school and with whom things didn’t end up good at all. This is how I found a webpage on Sugar Dating and since then I’ve been trying to find the perfect arrangement. I started speaking with 3 men who I let know that if well I was interested in receiving gifts, dinners and cash, it was most important for me to find a man who I could find a real connection with. I knew it wouldn’t be the same as having a boyfriend but I wasn’t looking for someone to meet me in a hotel have sex and say goodbye kind of deal. One of these prospects didn’t think it was a good idea from the begging as he was a married man who could not be seen with a girl that could be his daughter at any place and under any circumstance. The other man simply ditched me at a bar, he disappeared and I never heard from him again.
But as they say out there, “Third time’s the charm.” and it was so that the third was Rafael a man that owned a construction company. He was of good class and was very well educated and fun to be around, he made me feel like his baby and the best of all was he was completely free, he had never been married or anything similar and he didn’t have a girlfriend. I couldn’t believe that I had found the Sugar Daddy of my dreams not only was he very handsome but he was always concerned about my economic needs. He liked to give me gifts very frequently which went from lingerie, perfumes, and romantic dinners to weekends at his house where it was only the 2 of us. But as most things in this world this dream relationship didn’t last forever and although we still go out on dates they are not as exciting as they were before I suppose this is because Rafael is too independent and used to being alone this has made his relationships become monotone and even boring too him with time. This would explain why he would be in a Sugar Babies site to begin with; this experience with Rafael made me reflect a little on to whether it is possible for one to find love in these types of relationships. I now believe that yes, it could be possible to find a relationship that doesn’t only depend on receiving some sort of benefit or gifts, instead be with someone for nothing else than the pleasure of spending time with them. Maybe Rafael wasn’t the indicated one that would prove my theory, after all he seems to find himself very pleased in his Sugar Babies world. In the meantime I will continue to see him until one of the two decides to put an end to this.
Once I knew how sweet it was to be a Sugar Baby I am convinced that I love to feel pampered and spoiled so I don’t think I will go back to traditional relationships at least for a while. I also learned that I should be more cautious and not fall in love with my Sugar Daddy. I learned that I should only enjoy the good times that they give me and remember that they are with Sugar Babies for a reason and it’s completely normal that this reason is that they are not in the seek for love.

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