A Deeper Look At Sugar Dating

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More about Sugar Dating

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What you need to know before having a Sugar Daddy

If you want to find the right Sugar Daddy it’s best that you ask yourself the following questions: What do you have to offer to a Sugar Daddy? What do you expect from a Sugar Daddy? What do you not want from your Sugar Daddy? How could you improve as a Sugar Baby?

If you don’t know what you want, you won’t know how or where to look for the Sugar Daddy of your dreams. Analyze everything that you want and do not want in your relationship. Once you’ve stormed about it, it’s very important that you keep these ideas in mind when searching for your Sugar Daddy. You must also stay updated with what Sugar Daddies are looking for in their Sugar Babies; this will help you start living the life you’ve always dreamed of in no time.  The sugar world is growing in giant steps by the day; it’s time to put on your big girl shoes, because you don’t want to stay behind!

Why should you have a Sugar Daddy?

Sugar Baby, here are a few important points to why you should be looking for a Sugar Daddy; (as men in general) They don’t like childish behavior and non-sense tantrums. We all go thru life changing stages, but there are not too many women that can stand or will stay with a man that is going thru different stages in his life, specially the mid-life crisis.

A Sugar Daddy is generally a mature man that reaches our lives when they are typically 40 to 50 years old and have already passed thru that stage. At this age your Sugar Daddy is now ready to establish a mature and toxic free relationship. They are solvent men and a lot of them are rich, even millionaires. They have spent their lives traveling and learning new cultures, which have given them a great amount of experiences to share with their Sugar Baby. These characteristics make them a perfect man at the time of offering protection and a sense of security to a young woman.

Without doubt this is a magnet for all the beautiful women that are seeking highly satisfactory relationships and has become a dream of many ladies. If your goal is to benefit yourself from all the experiences that a Sugar Daddy counts with, to receive gifts, or maybe the opportunity to live new fantasies and experiences, or to have a tutor and adviser at the time of launching a new project, become a Sugar Baby!

They want Real Sugar Babies

Personality, authenticity and confidence will make you a successful Sugar Baby. Be yourself by admitting your flaws and highlighting your virtues. It’s of no use to attempt being perfect; your Sugar Daddy has enough experience to know that in this world nobody is.

Let forget about the fake stereotype of mature men that date pretty girls to use them as an accessory. It’s true that he will find and enjoy having a beautiful woman by his side, but this is not all he is looking for. Your Sugar Daddy is your mentor, adviser and the person that will ease the path to help you get where you want to be, but; don’t leave everything to your Sugar Daddy, it’s also up to you to trace the path that you want to follow.

Sugar Daddies want attractive women, yes! But they also want intelligent women who are dedicated and have clear goals; these are the type of women who they find are worth investing in. However, you must learn to communicate in an efficient and direct manner whatever you want while still being educated, gentle, and sweet and loving, they are looking for pretty faces that are accompanied by intelligence and lots of personality.

What is the suitable Sugar Daddy for you?

The more similar the objectives between a Sugar Baby and a Sugar Daddy, the easier it will be to establish a mutual beneficial agreement. Be careful and specific regarding the type of arrangement that you are seeking. The main thing to identify is if you want a causal relationship or a more serious one, one where there’s the potential of becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. It will also be good to specify monogamy in the arrangement or if you and your Sugar Daddy are open to experiment with other Sugar Babies.

Be realistic on the time you will dedicate to your Sugar dates, we know that besides being a Sugar Baby you have multiple other occupations  hence you have to be clear about the time that you can share with your Sugar Daddy. Being sincere about what you will provide to the relationship and what you expect to receive from it is another key point to success.

What to do and what not to do in Sugar Dating

You’re ready to go on your first Sugar Date and it’s normal to be nervous, but you must not let the jitters take over. Keep in mind that you are face to face with who could be the indicated Sugar Daddy for you. I’m going to go ahead and leave you with the Do’s and Don’ts in Sugar Dating so your first date can be a success.

Don’t – Act desperate or anxious to reach an arrangement, this is not something pleasant. This type of attitude will freak out who could possibly be the Sugar Daddy of your dreams and you will make him want to run away from you.

Do – The best thing you can do is to show your true colors, just be yourself. Don’t fake to be someone you’re not.  The only thing that you should worry about is showing off the best of you, this will captive any man’s attention.

Don’t – Be self-centered by not showing any interest in what your Sugar Daddy is looking for in his Sugar Baby. Showing interest in your needs only will not get you very far in the sugar world. Remember that the main reasons these relationships are successful is that both parties benefit from it. It’s best that you show empathy towards your Sugar Daddy, nobody likes going out with a woman that cares about no one but herself, not even Sugar Daddies.

Do – Be kind to him and the people that are of his service, this not only demonstrates education but are also qualities that a real Sugar Baby must not lack. Your typical Sugar Daddy is a well-educated, classy man that should not go thru embarrassing moments due to you.

Don’t – Speak about your ex partners with who could be your new Sugar Daddy. This is not a good idea, especially on your first date.  This is not of any interest to him, he is interested in you and the two of you are the only important thing on your date.

Do – Pay your Sugar Daddy the attention he deserves. You should speak about yourself, the things you like and your expectations but also care about his. Listen to him and make him know that you understand what he needs and is looking for in a relationship.

Don’t – Act as if you don’t have an idea of what you’re doing. Fine this is your first date, but it is not a reason to show yourself lost, you should not lose your confident posture. You must believe in yourself for others to believe in you.

First date with my Sugar Daddy; How should I dress?

It’s a fact that may Sugar Babies are worried about how to dress on their first date to give a good first impression. But this is not to worry about, it’s only a matter of taking the following points in consideration … The first thing to do is to establish a place where you will meet, knowing this will help you figure out what will be best to wear for such place.

We can give credit to the term “Less means more” by this I mean that there’s no need to exaggerate either by wearing a very short fitting dress or the intense makeup. The best thing to wear is something that allows us to feel comfortable throughout your date. Meeting your Sugar Daddy for the first time can be nerve wrecking enough, it’s best to wear a garment that makes you feel beautiful without causing you to stress, you don’t want to wear something that’s too tight or show off too much cleavage. We should opt for a classic, elegant dress that fits just right, this never fails. The best thing to do is to not make big changes in what you normally wear, being comfortable will be something less to worry about when meeting your Sugar Daddy.

Again, the most common mistake is showing off your body in excess. If you are tempted of doing so just remember that your Sugar Daddy will not by driven by your appearance and that you should make your personality the main protagonist in this encounter. Keeping something to his imagination will always be positive in the relationship as this raises the interest that your Sugar Daddy will have towards you. I must also remind you to put enough emphasis in your makeup without exaggerating the best option are sticking to a natural look; you don’t want to look like in clown to your Sugar Daddy.

Neither you nor your Sugar Daddy want to lose time

We all have limited time and losing some of it is not an option. At the time of our arrangement we must not assume that our Sugar Daddy is our long term wooer who’s going to court us endlessly. Remember that he does not have enough time or patience to spend on these types of dates; if he did he would be in a traditional relationship.

It’s better to let your Sugar Daddy know if you are interested in setting an arrangement with him or not this will help the two of you find the person you are looking for without further delays. Wasting time is not permitted in the sugar world and wasting others time will not allow you to live the experience to the fullest. If you don’t feel a connection with a Sugar Daddy it’s better that you let him know so you can both move on with the search. This will allow your search for a Sugar Daddy to be easier and a lot more pleasant.

Sweet Success

When it comes to giving advice on having a successful sugar relationship there’s some points that can be very obvious, one would be to treat your Sugar Daddy the way you would like to be treated. You must be respectful and show interest in what it is he needs as well as his passions, remember that we all enjoy being with someone that shows genuine interest towards us.

Enjoying yourself when you’re with your Sugar Daddy will make a great difference between finding a successful arrangement or not. You should be patient in order to find the Sugar Daddy that is right for you, if you let the drive of what someone has to offer without feeling truly comfortable or finding interest in the person, it’s likely that this Sugar relationship will not last very long. Just imagine how satisfactory it will be to find a Sugar Daddy who you can chat with for long periods of time, or that will take you out on small trips or full paid for vacations, and even shopping sprees. You want to find someone that not only spoils you but makes you feel comfortable. This will help your arrangement be successful and last longer as you will both enjoy of each other’s company.

How should a Sugar Baby look?

It’s a fact that there are many aspects that should be taken into consideration when searching for your Sugar Daddy and appearance is one of them. The way you look is very important for any Sugar Baby; you should take care of your appearance.  Make an attempt to go to the gym a few times a week and watch what you eat, try to have a balanced and healthy nutrition. It never hurts to visit the beauty salon, you should play with your hair and change your look every now and then to keep a fresh and clean image, caring for your hands, feet and face are also essentials. It’s important that you don’t take your personal grooming for granted as the way that someone takes care of themselves has a lot to say and it will be something that your Sugar Daddy will look into.

A very Sweet Mentor

Don’t look at your Sugar Daddy as an ATM; we know that the main reason to enter the sugar world is to receive diverse gifts and monetary aid. But don’t only think about  the benefits that you are receiving at the time, it’s good to also think about the long term benefits that you could receive as your Sugar Daddy could contribute a lot more to your life and future.

Keep in mind that your Sugar Daddy is a successful business man who many would be happy and grateful to have close by, many would like to have his advice and financial tutoring but because he is a busy man, it is not easy to obtain this from him. You are of great advantage as you have free access to him so keep in mind that he has great advice to offer when it comes to starting a business and when you begin building your own wealth, he could continue to be a great mentor.

A Sugar Daddy is much more than just money and extravagant gifts and therefore besides beauty, they also value intelligence and the hard work that a Sugar Baby is doing to become a self-efficient woman. Don’t doubt of talking to him about your projects, believe me your Sugar Daddies interest in you will increase when he knows that you are a dedicated woman that knows what she wants and it will be his pleasure to help you archive your goals.

Do you want a Sugar Wedding?

If what you are looking for is someone to give you a sugar wedding let me say NO! It is not impossible to end up married to your Sugar Daddy but it’s important to know where to look for the indicated one. There are different types of Sugar Daddies in the sugar world; some of them are only looking for casual relationships while others would like something more serious. To fulfill your goal and reach the altar with your Sugar Daddy you should pay attention so you can find the seconds ones mentioned previously as they are also looking for the same thing as you. It’s also good to know that having the same objectives is not the only thing necessary to have a successful relationship that can end in marriage. The best thing to do is to let things flow between you, moving slow will help you realize if you’ve found the person with who you will spend the rest of your life.

Reasons Why Sugar Relationships End

We should be clear that sugar relationships are very varied in their terms and conditions but, what could be a few reasons to end a sugar relationship?

  1. – Not being clear at the time of establishing an arrangement could be a main motive to end a sugar relationship as this unchains frustration in one or both parties who feel that they are not receiving what they expect.
  2. – Lies are also a cause for a breakup, a sugar relationship should be honest and crystal-clear, there’s no room for lies.
  3. – Feeling betrayed. Its best that you define if your relationship will be casual or something more serious to avoid confusion and or feeling let down.
  4. – Lack of time. Sugar Daddies don’t have a lot of time to dispose of and if they don’t make this clear to their Sugar Baby it could create conflict as they will not spend very much time together nor will they talk to each other every day.

There could be many more reasons to end an arrangements, I only mentioned a few.  You must know that when your break up with a Sugar Daddy this will mean that you will give up the benefits that you are receiving from him, but if there’s nothing left in your relationship it’s better to end it. You can find a new Sugar Daddy, just remember, zero drama, sugar relationships should be very sweet.

Your life will still be good after breaking up with your Sugar Daddy

If you are already in the sugar world you will know that not all arrangements will be successful and that this is completely normal, relax, don’t worry! At least not too much, there are many Sugar Daddies out there that are in the search of a Sugar Baby who they can have a real connection with. It’s up to you to find the Sugar Daddy of your dreams as well as being a Sugar Baby of a man’s dreams.

You have to have enough potential to captivate a man that is used to having everything. While your Sugar Daddy gets here you can start working on you and what you have to offer. Work in your self-esteem and find a variety of themes to talk about that will be of interest when you meet someone new. Change your current diet for a healthier one, get a gym membership or take a dance class. Learn a new language or learn to play a musical instrument.

On your free time you can search for all the information available on sugar relationships and let other more experienced Sugar Babies guide you with their advice. A new Sugar Daddy will eventually come and the experience will be unlike any other, if you are prepared. Remember that in order to find a Sugar Daddy that is a 10 you must also be a Sugar Baby at a 10.

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