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What is a  Sugar Daddy ?

A sugar daddy is a financially successful man, usually a business man. Sugar daddies many times own several businesses or have a part in business projects. Like most men, sugar daddies enjoy being surrounded by beautiful women. The difference is that a sugar daddy often gives gifts, money and trips or vacations in exchange for the time spent with a beautiful woman.

As most Sugar Daddies are ambitious and stay busy with business projects, they usually don’t have time for traditional relationships. It’s hard for a sugar daddy to be accountable to someone every night, 7 days a week, if he’s working 80 hours a week. Most sugar daddies realize that they will end up neglecting their spouses and romantic partners if they make firm commitments. They give meaning to the term, “all work and no play”. This creates a void in their life. Since they can’t commit their time, they’re usually happy to commit some of their money.

Sugar daddies also make great mentors because of their own experiences in business or corporate cultures, so if a Sugar Baby has aspirations of opening a business a Sugar Daddy could be of great help. Being (usually) older men, they are going to be wiser, because of their life experience in general, but most of the time they have great business experience as well. Sugar daddies have often made their money themselves, through hard work, and good choices in business. A Sugar Daddy will usually give great feedback, and can help you weight your options and risks when making a big or important decision.


What is a Sugar Baby?

Sugar babies are (usually) younger and very attractive women that want the financial security that they cannot yet afford by their own means. They offer their company to a Sugar Daddy in exchange for money, gifts, vacations, and help with college tuition.

A sugar baby is generally goal oriented and already pursuing her dreams by attending college or working to open up a business of her own. Just like sugar daddies sugar babies don’t have the time to keep up with a traditional relationship as their main focus is set in reaching their goals. Sugar babies value the experience of a sugar daddy as she well knows that he will be a great mentor and someone that she can go to for tips and advice when it comes to business.

Sugar babies are ambitious and know very well what they want and where they want to be in life. They have a clear mindset and a good picture of their future. When the time comes to ask for what she wants or needs, she will not have a problem asking her sugar daddy as they are direct and well spoken. However, sugar babies understand that it’s of utmost importance to meet her sugar daddies expectations.

Prejudices about Sugar Dating

Before you establish a sugar baby / daddy relationship you must know that you might be judged, it all depends on the discretion you drive yourself with. It’s up to you to if you let your close circle of friends know about your arrangement or not.

We still live in a society that prejudges others way of living, financial status, relationships etc. and this society is not quite ready for Sugar Dating or the terms established in these arrangements. Sugar babies usually have it the worse when it comes to criticism; they are often pointed out as gold diggers or linked to whatever comes closest to prostitution.

However if you are a strong minded, independent woman that cares less about the way others, including your family think of you, this should not be a problem. But if criticism affects you then it may be best that you keep your outings with older men your little secret… Shhh.


The perfect arrangement

When you’re ready to find your sugar daddy it’s of sum importance to be very clear on the type of arrangement that you are looking for, this will help you communicate it in a direct and precise way to your sugar daddy. It could be that you are looking for someone to take care of most of your debts or some, you might want to meet your sugar daddy once a week or maybe only a couple times per month. Would you prefer that they are in the same city as you? Or would you rather date someone farther away, another state or country even? You could be most comfortable with single men or would like to find a rich dad (one’s that married)? These are all important points to consider when searching for your sugar daddy.

The Sugar world is growing by the day, there’s endless websites, clubs and social groups where you could find the Sugar Daddy of your dreams. As this world grows, so does the competition, if you want to be a successful sugar baby, you must keep up with it.

You best believe that it’s not easy to conquer a rich man; of course they will like to find a beautiful young gal that is physically good looking but remember they are well experienced and therefore also care about personality. A Sugar Daddy may become bored with a beautiful gal that has nothing else to offer but looks, you don’t want to be an accessory that helps them look good; you should strive to get the best of him. Of course not all sugar daddies are the same and there is a great diversity in what Sugar Daddies are looking for but let’s simplify this; most Sugar Daddies beyond looks, seek smart, confident, goal orientated, striving, and ambitious women.

It’s best said that Sugar Babies are after money and that nothing catches our attention more than learning about our Sugar Daddies financial status. Let’s leave these prejudices aside as there is nothing wrong with receiving gifts and economic help for our time and company and why not, sexual favors if that’s what you decide to give in exchange. Just think about the satisfaction of living a debt free life, while enjoying luxuries and paid for vacations, things that would take a lot more time to achieve by our own means.

By now, I want to believe that we are clear on what Sugar Dating consists of. To make it even clearer, let’s remark that what makes these arrangements different from a traditional relationship is that we don’t give without expecting anything back, it’s the contrary, further more we only give what we decide to and ask for what we want in return This is because communication is made clear from the beginning and they pay off is good for both parties, the Sugar Daddy gets a beautiful lady who he gets to spend his free time with and the Sugar Baby receives financial help and gets to live incredible experiences.


How much time does a Sugar Daddy spend with his Sugar Baby?

Let’s remember that the main reason why these wealthy men look for a Sugar Baby is because he does not have the time to dedicate to a traditional relationship. Sugar Daddies are busy business men that don’t have time for conventional dating. They will come to you when they have the time or need to get away for a while, this could mean a few hours, a day, or two, you never know. Keep in mind that his availability comes first. Make the time to see him when he’s free, after all you will be very well rewarded. What’s most important is to make them feel good when they see you, your Sugar Daddy comes to you to escape and have fun.


Benefits of having a Sugar Daddy

If you are still thinking that the only benefit of having a Sugar Daddy is the economic part that you will receive let me tell you that you are mistaken. Sugar Daddies have a lot more to offer than money; they will give you great times and experiences that you have not lived just yet. Another benefit of Sugar Dating is that you truly give and receive quality attention and share incredible moments as he’s learned with his years how to indulge a woman in bed.

Their experience not only allows them to know very well how to pamper you but also give you great advice and good long conversations. Be attentive to your Sugar Daddies advice as his personal experiences and intelligence can come in very handy in your future. I hope that now you know to look for more than just money in your Sugar Daddy.


How to be a successful sugar baby

The first and most important advice I can give you in order to be a successful Sugar Baby is PATIENCE as finding the perfect Sugar Daddy could take same time and it will most likely not happen on the first date.

You should keep a good Sugar Baby profile, one that’s striking to the Sugar Daddies. Put up a good picture, one that makes you feel comfortable and confident of yourself, fill in as much information about yourself as you can, a complete profile will always be of more interest to Sugar Daddies. Remember that small things make a big difference so keep up with the competition and update your profile frequently. Keeping an updated profile demonstrates your interest and availability.

So now, how much time are you willing to give in to this relationship? Are you willing to travel to another state or country? Are you seeking for a Sugar Daddy that will give you luxury and money or do you just want help with your tuition and future goals? These are all important points that you must have clear in order to be able to communicate your wants and needs to your Sugar Daddy. These arrangements are based on direct and honest communication and are only successful when both parties benefit from it.

Last but very important is to act yourself, don’t pretend to be the classic flirty girl dressed that dressed in short skirts and stilettoes. If you fake to be someone you’re not your Sugar Daddies past experience will kick in and he will notice right away. The best thing you can do is to be yourself and remain calm, this will help you get comfortable and allow you to enjoy the moment. Remember that all rich and mature men like different things and there’s not one Sugar Daddy that will be the same as another, and if you’re patient, you will find the Sugar Daddy that likes you just as you are.

If Sugar Babies as well as Sugar Daddies have diverse things to do and a full agenda to catch up with, you have to be clear that your Sugar Daddies agenda has priority over yours. Bear in mind that he is a wealthy man and that you are receiving great benefits in return for the time you spend with him, he will make sure to spoil you, plus a girl that cancels a date or does not have the availability does not result attractive in this ambit. As you can see, there is no time left for jealousy or childish behavior keeps this in mind so you can enjoy the experience to the max.


Is it possible to have a perfect “Sugar Arrangement?” 

Not any arrangement is completely perfect but the advantage we have in Sugar Dating is that there’s a direct and honest communication. This should come from both sides so that the parties involved know very well what to expect from their arrangement. It’s made clear from the beginning and throughout the relationship what the Sugar Daddy will give and what he will receive from his Sugar baby in return, this helps keep away the drama, or the feeling of being used or inferior as often happens in traditional relationships. However, it is still established between human beings so… there will be good times and most likely some bad times as well. The whole idea is that there is more good than bad.




Parameters in Sugar Dating

Both parties involved should set adequate parameters and each other’s limits in a very clear matter from the beginning and throughout their relationship. The first thing to always keep in mind is that your Sugar Daddy is not your boyfriend, this is only an exchange and can and most likely will end. There’s always the chance that relationships become more profound between Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies who initially started as an arrangement but you should not take this for granted as you may come out hurt if you expect more than what was agreed upon, and this is definitely not the plan


Sugar dating or disguised prostitution

While many (or most) of these arrangements include sex, your Sugar Daddy is not paying you to have sex with him. Sugar Daddies are not only looking for that kind of intimacy, sex is not all for them. They are looking for emotional connections, a good chat, company and even affection, someone that they can have a good time with.

Sex is truly not a condition. There could be arrangements in which there is no sex at all, this is totally an individual decision that again, both parties agree on. Sex will only happen when and if you both decide and it should happen in a natural way, you will not be forced to have sex at any time if you don’t want too.



Discretion is fundamental in these types of arrangements. It is your decision if you let your close circle know about your “little secret” or not. An option might be to keep your family at margin after all I ask “what would they think if they knew about your outings with older men?” “What would they say if they knew of your situation?”

Don’t worry; you’re not doing anything wrong. This is an agreement established between two adults that have a clear understanding of what you want and the life style you want to live. However, if the previously asked questions freak you out, it’s best that you consider keeping it a secret.


The first date

Feeling nervous? Keep calm, if you’ve gotten this far you have already made the firm decision of becoming a Sugar Baby. The best thing you can do is relax and let everything flow in the most natural way possible. The day came and the time is set to come face to face to who could be the door of entry to a world full of commodities, luxuries and pampering.

It’s important to pay attention to the way you look. Don’t be excessive; instead be as natural as possible yet radiant at the same time. Let the time that you put into finding the perfect outfit, fixing you hair and doing your makeup are noticeable but not overwhelming. The first impression is very important and this time will not be an exception.

The way you act could very well depend on the place where you meet but remember that mutual respect is fundamental. Be as courteous as possible, you are dealing with a business man and don’t want to bore or even worse annoy him. Having good themes of conversations is a plus. You want your Sugar Daddy to know that you are more than just looks. Show him that besides being attractive and confident, you are also a very interesting woman whom he can have long conversations with. This will be accounted for if you’re able to reach an agreement, if this happens the next step is to enjoy Sugar Dating!

These styles of relationships are becoming more and more common by the day and yes… you are now a Sugar Baby. Let’s not make it sound like a gold-digger we all know that money moves the world, why not take advantage when a person is able to and wants to give it to us?


Dangers inside the sugar dating world

Yes, the Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy world is not exempt from running certain risk. These risks are also present but latent in our daily life activities, never the less they are still worth mentioning.

There could be some episodes of violence is some cases. Being involved in these types of agreements does not guarantee that both parts will always behave in a proper manner, being cautious will never hurt. We must also bring out fake Sugar Daddies, yes, men that don’t really count with enough income to have a Sugar Baby. These men more than representing a danger or risk are more of a person that dulls your search of a real Sugar Daddy and at the end will only make you lose time and end up somewhat disappointed. It’s ideal to be very insightful in order to identify the fake Daddies.

Becoming obsessive in either part also represents a problem, whether the Sugar Baby demands more than they originally agreed on and threatens to cause he Sugar Daddy problems or vice versa, as some Sugar Daddies take out their most authoritarian side by behaving as if they were really your dad Understanding and having a clear reason of why you find this lifestyle convenient for you is important to avoid feeling used. This is a feeling that although is not very common when it comes to these types of arrangements, is a scenario that could become present.

The sugar world also has it’s not so sweet side and I believe it is important to take into consideration before being completely immersed in the Sugar Baby / Sugar Daddy relationships. After all, this habitat far away from disappearing is growing day by day. Sugar Baby / Daddy relationships are becoming more and more popular world-wide, and it’s because they really work. They are relationships with high indexes and success around the world and although the terms that we use for the parties involved has become popular in the latest times, these types of arrangements are far from being new.

As we said before, this may not be an activity that you want to do for the rest of your life, but believe me, it’s an activity that will leave you plenty of experiences and will be worth reminiscing on. Plus if you’re smart inside the Sugar Baby world it’s very likely that you obtain benefits for extended periods of time. Remember our Sugar Daddies besides having high purchasing power a lot of times they flaunt positions in different areas. The time might come where this citation can be highly beneficiary for us, as Sugar Babies as we are building relationships that can unleash in the accommodation of some position that without help would’ve been harder to attain. The best part is that you don’t need to lie or fake something that you are not; you really both receive exactly what you are looking for.

If you are an ambitious girl that appreciates spending time with a Sugar Daddy that is also disposed to be your mentor, friend, lover, investor and why not, maybe future business partner, you are perfectly qualified to be a Sugar Baby. Now it’s just a matter of deciding whether or not you are ready to enjoy of a highly beneficial relationship. It’s up to you to enter the world of luxury and economic stability without neglecting your college carrier, family or friends.

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